The Amazon platform allows you to watch the latest streaming via It is one of the global accessed platforms that is now becoming a competition to Netflix and similarly offers the TV shows and movies to watch your favorite content on the internet-connected devices.

Today almost all country in lockdown due to COVID 19 virus. In that situation, most people are spending their time indoors and try to do work home-based. So, If you wish to watch your favorite content online them there are other channels that are offered by the Amazon platform. Through this article, you will learn how to access the platform to watch your favorites of all times.


The Amazon code is used to activate the Amazon Prime product and verify Prime Membership. code is made up of digits and the code is on a card. To use this code, the card has to be redeemed. Amazon Activation code consists of two sets of characters and numbers separated by a hyphen. This code is essential in order to activate your product.


  1. Switch on your TV and snap-on Amazon prime alternative seen on your TV.
  2. From that point onward, you will see a choice to enroll on
  3. Snap-on that alternative. You will get a six-digit code. Eg: GMTHBB
  4. Note down that code so you should add it while account marking.
  5. Presently you require a record on or Amazon application so that you can finish your registration successfully done.

You may be asked to choose the TV cable provider's Network in some cases of activation of Amazon Prime on your TV. You have to simply scroll down in the list and sign into your account which will complete your activation process.


  1. Click on the app store of your smart TV app.
  2. Now find the Amazon Prime app in your store and add it to your channel.
  3. Open the Amazon Prime app after successfully adding it to your channel box.
  4. Check out the option of register on the Amazon website and click on it.
  5. As soon as you click on register a pop-up will be displayed on your screen this is the Amazon Prime Verification code which is generated now from your click.
  6. Now submit your details into your Amazon Prime account.
  7. Paste the Amazon mytv code in the place which reads Amazon Prime verification code. The code that you have just copied on your notepad.

Now, at last, confirm the code, and if it says correct click on registering device. You have completed all steps now Amazon Prime videos are ready on your TV.